23/10/2017 Europa customers are regretfully advised that the Europa branded Prepaid Card product was withdrawn from use on 23/10/2017 as previously advised and you will now be unable to use the card. We are instead still delighted to offer you, free of charge, a replacement King Card. In order to receive the new card, please confirm that you wish for a replacement card to be issued by contacting customer services on +49 1807 667766 or via email at support@cardcompact.co.uk. If you failed to respond, we suspended your current card on 23rd October and you will be required to provide banking details for a refund of any unspent funds on the card to be returned to you. Both of these options are free of charge. You should have received communication via Email or Post advising you in more detail of the changes that are taking place. If you require any further information, contact customer services on +49 1807 667766 or via email at support@cardcompact.co.uk where a service representative will be happy to assist you. EuropaCard Prepaid Mastercard - Europe's No 1
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* = Subject to ID requirements being met
** = ID-Level 2 and above required

  • Worldwide Accepted Mastercard
  • No credit check needed - no rejections*
  • Instantly reloadable on the internet
  • Pay in AppStore, Amazon, eBay, PayPal ...
  • PIN for ATMs** and CVC for online purchases
  • Worldwide and online payment
  • Stylish card design
EuropaCard Prepaid Mastercard - Europe's No 1



What is the Europacard Prepaid Mastercard?

The Europacard Prepaid Mastercard is a modern and innovative method of payment. The card has a stylish design and offers cardholders excellent benefits. The card function is on a prepaid basis and is updated in real-time - meaning that cardholders can add money to their card in just a fews seconds.


We're here to help!

For all questions and problems around your Europacard, please visit our FAQ section. In urgent cases, contact Customer Service at +49 (0) 1807 667766 (in Germany first 30 secs of calls are free, thereafter charges of €0.14 minute apply from German landlines, prices from mobiles may differ.) Customer Service: support(at)cardcompact.com. In case of loss: +49 171 988 5556


Get your Europacard now!

With the Europacard Prepaid Mastercard you'll receive a full Mastercard without banking affairs. You can charge your Europacard Prepaid Mastercard 24 hours online and use it for payments in all mayor online stores. With your personal PIN* you can also easily withdraw the money again when you need it.

* = ID-Level 2 and above required